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A Relationship Between The Environment & Psychopathology Of The Child - 1100 Words

A Relationship Between The Environment & Psychopathology Of The Child (Article Critique Sample) Content: Article Review 1 Complete Article Citation: Full title, all authors (last name, initials), full journal title, year, volume# and page #s (this ensures that a different person can retrieve the article) ___________________________________________________________________________ McCrory, E., De Brito, S. A., Viding, E. (2012). The link between child abuse and psychopathology: a review of neurobiological and genetic research. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, 105(4), 151-156. ( 2 The study purpose and research question(s): A clear statement helps determine if the topic is important or relevant. ___________________________________________________________________________ The study was aimed at understanding the relationship between the environment and the development of psychopathological condition in the child. The environment according to the research and the nature of the abuse have an impact on the condition that the child develops in the long run. 3 Literature review: Describe the research included. What gap does this article/study plan on filling? ___________________________________________________________________________ A review by McCrory E, De Brito SA, Viding E, (2015) reveled that different forms of child abuse and stress have different impacts on the neuroendocrine function of the brain of the child and these have an impact on the development of the child. This research was aimed at eliminating biological factor that might predispose the child to development of social, psychopathic and health problems which are known to be cause by either physical violation or another environmental factor in the child’s life. Early adversity and economic wellbeing of the individual might be because of the physical abuse and violation of the child. This is according to a research that was carried out by two different team, Gilbert R, Widom CS, Browne K, et al, (2009) and Currie J, Widom CS. (2010) on the long-term effect and consequences of child abuse on the adult and later life of the child. The two researches contribute to the fact that there is a correlation that exists between the child’s violation and the future adversity or early future adversity onset. Understanding the different environment where the child is exposed to either violence or abuse is important in determining the impact the child would suffer in future. There is a correlative approach that reveal the likelihood of these abuse influencing the success or lifestyle of the child in future. 4 Study Design: Was the study design appropriate for this article/research? Consider the following and describe how they were used: Ethnography, phenomenology, grounded theory, participatory action research, other study designs ___________________________________________________________________________ The study design was based on participatory action research where the researcher used information on the different cases of recorded abuses on the child and analyzed it to relate it to the status of the victim. Since the recorded cases were achieved, this provided informative and significant data for the research. A sense of ethnography was slo used in this research to distinguish the different levels of abuse and the outcome of the victim in their future. 5 Qualitative methods: Does the study describe the methods used? Was the method appropriate for the study design? How? (Participant observation, interviews, focus groups, historical research, other qualitative methods __________________________________________________________________________ Data collected on qualitative approach entailed the review of secondary source of recorded abuse cases and the later life of the victims. Observatory information was also collected form the different case worker who handled the abuse cases and assisted the victims. There were different articles used in the research to analyze and collected secondary data for the research. These articles were based on the articles related to the study of maltreatment and adversity with a focus on HPA functioning, functional and structural imaging, and behavioral genetic paradigms. 6 Sampling: How were participants relevant to the research question and how were they selected? ___________________________________________________________________________ The different subject to the research were recorded into age groups with each age group representing a sample that was to be tested and analyzed. each age group was used to determine the biological harm on the brain because of the abuse and the violations. In each case, different imaging techniques were used to ensure that the significant results were obtained. 7 Data collection: Was there a complete description of the site, participants? ___________________________________________________________________________ The main data collection method used was the review of secondary sources of different reported cases of abuse which eliminates the need for any fresh data collection methodologies being utilize din this case. It also ensured that the data was relevant since it had already been documented by earlier researched on the different topics in the same subject. 8 Data analysis: Was the analysis inductive and the findings adequately corroborated? Data correlation studies were carried out to d...

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Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics - Emotional Relevance and Passion

Sports Compare and Contrast Essay Topics - Emotional Relevance and PassionWhether you are writing a sports compare and contrast essay or you are writing about something else entirely, it is important to understand that you need to compare and contrast the two most important things in life, football and poetry. One of the things that sets this sport apart from all the others, is that it is played by large numbers of people around the world, all year round.The other thing is that there is a vast amount of literature about the game of football. All over the world there are books written about the game that describe its history, its players, its teams, its referees, and so on. The sport's mythology is also part of this wealth of literature.It would be easy to compare and contrast these two subjects if it were not for the one thing they have in common, love. In sports, a significant part of the time and effort is spent on showing how much you love your team and playing for them. The love is expressed through tactics, strategy, technical skill, teamwork, and other similar factors. In literature the same sort of thing applies, but without the emotional involvement.Focus on love. In both sports, there is so much more involved than there is passion. Love is not about passion, it is more about interest and affection. There is no doubt that passion is important, but it is primarily emotional and not analytical, even when it is based on analysis.Love must be involved in all the sports analysis as well. If the sport is not about love, then it is not interesting. It has to be at least a primary factor, if not more, in all of the analyses. Even the sports writers who describe their subject matter primarily as sports should explain how they relate to the emotion and passion.Love is different in two ways from passion. Love is deeply felt, while passion is not.There is more than enough literature to support a strong and passionate discussion about the intensity of intense emotio ns and the great depth of this feeling. Whether you are writing a sports compare and contrast essay, or you are writing about something else entirely, you should focus on love.

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Essay on The Tragic Hero of Antigone - 871 Words

Everyone agrees that Oedipus is the quintessential Greek tragic hero. In fact, Aristotle had Oedipus specifically in mind when he first set down the requirements for tragedy in his Poetics. However, in other Greek tragedies, the tragic hero isn’t always so easy to identify. For example, in the play Antigone, the reader may have some difficulty deciding who the tragic hero is. Nevertheless, a careful examination of the facts reveals that Antigone is the true tragic heroine because she’s brave, flawed, and noble. Antigone is a tragic hero because she is brave. One instance where Antigone shows bravery is when she is talking to Antigone about attempting to give her brother, Polynices, a proper burial, â€Å"When I have tried and failed, I†¦show more content†¦Antigone proves that she is a tragic hero because she is flawed in the fact that she has too much pride. One moment that displays that Antigone possesses too much pride, is when Ismene reminds her about the severe punishments that could result from giving Polynices a proper burial, â€Å"He has no right to keep me from my own†(128). This quote shows that Antigone is willing to disobey the king, Creon in order to please herself by giving Polynices a proper burial. Consisting of too much pride is eventually the cause of her death. A second instant where Antigone is shown to have an exceeding amount of pride is when she is determined to give Polynices a proper burial is when Ismene has been consistently telling her that she will not succeed, â€Å"Go your own way; I will bury my brother!†(128). Antigone is telling her sister, Ismene, that she will bury her brother no matter what, and there is nothing that will stop her from doing it. A third example of Antigone having too much pride is when she tells Ismene why she wants to persevere in giving her brother a proper burial, â€Å"convicted of reverence – I shall be content/ to live beside a brother whom I love†(128). Antigone loves Polynices so much that she wants to die for him, so that she can be buried next to him. This will give her pride if she accomplishes it. Antigone thinks that the only way this will happen is if she buries him herself, and then gets killed for burying him. In addition to having a flaw, another that provesShow MoreRelatedTragic Hero In Antigone948 Words   |  4 Pagesmakes them a hero. Heroes can help save the day, be strong against others, help people in tough situations. In Sophocles Antigone, the tragi c hero proves to be worthy of these traits as she presents herself to be stronger than the rest. She shows several characteristics that help her achieve this title. Although it is a high honor she had persevere in order to get to this point and it wasnt an easy task. For these accomplishments, Antigone has earned the title of a Tragic Hero. Antigone seems to beRead MoreThe Tragic Hero in Antigone1018 Words   |  5 Pagesfirst established during the fourth century in the Poetics, where he defines what makes a tragic hero. Aristotle suggests that a tragic hero is a character who has a high social standing and embodies great nobility in his/her personality. They are neither a villain nor are they entirely good, but a person somewhat like us, raised to a higher position in society. In addition, the downfall of a tragic hero is caused by fault of their own, often through arrogance or pride, as the result of freeRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Antigone1118 Words   |  5 PagesThe tragic hero according to Aristotle is a man who is neither a paragon of virtue and justice nor undergoes the change of misfortune or leads to his or her own downfall or destruction through their journey as the characters analyze their â€Å"judgment error†. In the play Antigone, Antigone is a tragic heroine who stands up and fights for her moral duties to do what is morally right instead of being loyal to the state even if cost her her life. The plot of Antigone is quite predictable. But, it showsRead MoreAntigone: not the tragic hero2077 Words   |  9 PagesAntigone: Not the Tragic Hero Sophocles, a great tragedian, was the one who gave Greek tragedies their traditional form. An important part of traditional Greek tragedies is the presence of a tragic hero. All tragic heroes should have the characteristics of rank, a tragic flaw, a downfall, and a recognition of mistakes. The seemingly tragic hero is Antigone. She wants to bury her brother Polyneices even though this would be going against Creon, who is her uncle and the king. When Antigone buriesRead More Antigone the Tragic Hero Essay929 Words   |  4 PagesA Tragic Hero A tragic hero is a character who makes an error of judgment or has a fatal flaw, which combined with fate, results into a tragedy. The tragic hero must fall from good luck and well being to misery and misfortune. The tragic hero causes a sense of pity through the tragic downfall that weakens the character. In Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone follows her own beliefs by giving her brother a proper burial, even if she has to break the law of King Creon. Because of her innocentRead MoreEssay on The Tragic Hero of Antigone568 Words   |  3 PagesGreece, Sophocles wrote the greatly admired tragedy, Antigone. Antigone includes many themes such as Freedom, Protection of Personal Dignity, Obedience to Civil Law, Protection of Community/Nation, Loyalty/Obligation to Family, and Observance of Religious Law. Many of the Greek tragedies that have been written include a tragic hero that has his/her tragic flaw. In Antigone there are two main characters; Creon, the tyrant king of Thebes, and Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta. One of theseRead MoreEssay on Antigone is a Tragic Hero823 Words   |  4 PagesAntigone is a Tragic Hero A subject of debate in Sophocles’ play Antigone is which character complies with the characteristics of a tragic hero. The qualities that constitute a tragic hero are, in no particular order, having a high social position, not being overly good or bad, isolation, being tenacious in their actions, arousing pity in the audience, a revelatory manifestation, and having a single flaw that brings about their own demise and the demise of others around them. Creon possessesRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Antigone By Sophocles1075 Words   |  5 Pagesof the Greek philosopher Aristotle, â€Å"A man cannot become a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.† Thus, according to Aristotle, the tragic hero must be able to discern how his actions caused his demise. The tragic hero has a tragic flaw, known as hamartia, recognizes that this flaw contributes to his misfortune because of an error in judgment, but is nonetheless deserving of sympathy. Creon, the hero of the dra ma Antigone by Sophocles, fulfills this definition. He exhibits hubrisRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Sophocles Antigone Essay1357 Words   |  6 Pagesdraws on the emotions of the audience is to get them to relate to the tragic hero, and that is why it was so important for a tragedy to have a proper one. Antigone features the perfect example of a hero in a tragedy. In Antigone, King Creon is the tragic hero since he is adherent to a moral mean, he is life-like, he exhibits a tragic quality which results in a plot reversal, and ends in a moment of lament. Creon is the ideal tragic hero, since he’s morally upstanding but not blameless at the same timeRead More Antigone as a Tragic Hero Essay499 Words   |  2 PagesAntigone as a tragic hero The debate over who is the tragic hero in Antigone is unanswered. The belief that Antigone is the hero is a tough one. Antigone is widely thought of as the tragic hero of the play bearing her name. She would seem to fit the part in light of the fact that she dies for doing what she believes is right. She buries her brother without worrying what might happen to her. Unlike Antigone, Ismene says â€Å"And break the law, our death will be more shameful even then theirs† (pg.5

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Debt Policy at Ust Essay - 1230 Words

Debt Policy at UST Inc. 1. What are the primary business risks associated with UST Inc.? What are the attributes of UST Inc.? Evaluate from the viewpoint of a bondholder. (Your answer should be more qualitative than quantitative!) The following factors weave into the risks and attributes of the company from the creditors’ point of view: A. UST had seven pending health related lawsuits at the end of 1998. The outcomes of these suits are uncertain. Despite the major Medicaid state settlements, lawmakers are expected to continue to push for new laws to combat youth tobacco use. Other litigation against tobacco companies is expected to continue, especially suits filed by individuals. This uncertain litigation and legislative†¦show more content†¦Now they want to be more aggressively levered since the chance of bankruptcy is rather low. B. Presumably, the company managers are also shareholders. The recapitalization helps to decrease the total shares outstanding, thus increases the relative percentage owning of the remaining shareholders. Consequently, the insiders will have more weights on the voting of the major policies of the company. Since the value players form a major competing force with UST, in the foreseeable future, UST might choose to lower the price of its products. But his is not in the favor of the stockholders who are looking for short-term income as opposed to long term capital gain. In order for such decisions to pass, the management team has to upgrade their own weights by buying back some of the outstanding stocks through issuing debt. C. UST wants to signal to shareholders that it still commits to provide generous dividend returns. By issuing more debt and repurchasing stock shares, UST can increase the upfront stock dividend paid to shareholders (Note that whether UST can maintain its dividend policy is the issue discussed in question 4). Although this will not affect the decision of rational investor because by increasing its leverage the investment is also riskier, the higher dividend will appeal to irrational investors and quick cash seekers. 3. Should UST Inc. undertake the $1 billionShow MoreRelatedDebt Policy at Ust641 Words   |  3 PagesDebt Policy at UST The primary business risk facing UST in 1998 was that the U.S. tobacco industry itself was facing an uncertain future characterized by legal challenges, declining volumes, marketing restrictions, increased taxes, heavy discounting and consolidation. The U.S. smokeless tobacco industry also was transitioning away from the Premium Market and growing through the Price Value Market at a rate of 9%. Bondholders face very little investment risk given UST’s high interest coverage ratioRead MoreDebt Policy at Ust Inc.1263 Words   |  6 Pagesmanufacturer in the moist smokeless tobacco industry, UST Inc. has long been recognized by its ability to generate high profit using low financial leverage. With a dominant market share of 77%, the company maintains a pricing power that allows it to institute annual price increases without losing costumers. However, UST’s market share was eroded significantly in recent years by price-value competitors who enter the market with lower prices. Although UST responded to these threat by introducing new productsRead MoreDebt Policy at Ust Inc.2208 Words   |  9 PagesDebt policy at UST inc. Case To: UST Board of Directors From: UST Financial analysis team Date: 18 January 2011 Subject: Future debt policy at UST and recapitalization option 1. Analysis of UST business current and future environment UST operates in the smokeless Tobacco industry, a market with 2 B$ of revenues, which grew at a CAGR of 3.7% over the past 17 years, but more recently experienced a decrease in growth rate, dropping to 2.9% in 1997 and 1.2% in 1998. In this market, USTRead MoreCase study: Debt Policy at UST Inc.1853 Words   |  8 PagesFIN 5204 MANAGING CORPORATE CAPITAL INVESTMENT AND CAPITAL STRUCTURE FALL 2007 DEBT POLICY AT UST INC. 1. WHAT ARE THE PRIMARY BUSINESS RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH UST INC.? WHAT ARE THE ATTRIBUTES OF UST INC.? EVALUATE FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF THE BONDHOLDER. Over the years, UST has been a dominant producer in the tobacco industry, specifically the moist tobacco industry. Even though the past strategy with UST has entailed raising the prices of its products on a regular basis, the company still showsRead MoreCase Study on Ust1692 Words   |  7 Pages1. What are the primary business risks associated with UST Inc.? What are the attributes of UST Inc.? Evaluate from the viewpoint of credit analyst or bond holder. UST Inc. is a smokeless tobacco company with a long tradition and a recognizable brand name. A strong brand name can have lots of associations with high quality, revenues, soundness, growth, etc. But, this is one of the characteristics that can be like two edged sward. On one side, company with long tradition is expected toRead MoreUST Case Solution Essay1320 Words   |  6 Pagesconsidered. Required debt rate and pro forma income statement Risk determinants Credit rating agencies take a wide range of factors – debt raising purpose, industry outlook, corporate profile and financial measures into account when performing corporate bond rating service. Debt is raised to repurchase shares rather than the normal case of capturing expansion opportunities to strengthen cash flow. This is not going to be regarded favorable to debt holders since the debt coverage ability in termsRead MoreUst Case Solution1383 Words   |  6 Pagesconsidered. Required debt rate and pro forma income statement Risk determinants Credit rating agencies take a wide range of factors – debt raising purpose, industry outlook, corporate profile and financial measures into account when performing corporate bond rating service. Debt is raised to repurchase shares rather than the normal case of capturing expansion opportunities to strengthen cash flow. This is not going to be regarded favorable to debt holders since the debt coverage ability in termsRead MoreFinancial Industry1865 Words   |  8 PagesDebt Policy at UST Case Questions Group members: Wei-Ting Liao; Cong Ren; Gerald Nyiti; Beidan Wang 1- ) Give a brief summary of the company background UST Inc. is a smokeless tobacco company which enjoyed a long tradition and a recognizable brand name. It is the leading producer of moist smokeless tobacco products and widely known for its conservative debt policy and uninterrupted cash dividend payout since 1912. The company is the major player in U.S. smokeless tobacco market. For example,Read MoreUst Inc2284 Words   |  10 PagesDebt Policy at UST, Inc. Introduction In 1998 the U.S smokeless tobacco industry generated $2 billion of retail revenue with approximately 5 million consumers of moist tobacco and 7 million consumers of chewing tobacco including loose leaf, twist, plug and dry. Moist smokeless tobacco consumption approximated 50% of the total. The factors contributing to the continuous growth of the moist smokeless tobacco was the increased prevalence of smoking bans which had led customers to switch to smokelessRead MoreUst Case Study2113 Words   |  9 Pages| Group Assignment 1 | UST Case Study | 2/19/2013 | | | | Question 1: In order to calculate the impact of the leverage recapitalization on UST’s value, we used the WACC and APV methods to calculate its value before and after the recapitalization. WACC Method Using the WACC method, we first derived UST’s return on assets (rA). Since we are given the firm’s market capitalization, debt and cash, we calculated the current Enterprive Value of UST. We were then able to derive

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A Critique Of Different Management Theories - 1699 Words

Management theories are a pool of ideas that have been produced to manage and identify what a business or organization might need. The theories will recognize how managers convey their goals into practical use and what form of motivational techniques will be utilised to get the most from the employees on a day to day basis. Within this assignment, there will be a critique of different management theories and an evaluation of their use in a practical setting. It will be a critical and contemplative exploration of the overall development of professional practice, and the understanding of preparation, systematizing, and utilisation of a fitting disposition that meets set procedures of the National Occupation Standards. Scientific Management- Taylorism (Cole, 1996) States that Frederick Taylor came up with a concept in 1880 that incorporates compartmentalising different tasks so they can be easily managed and taught with the intention of generating a proficient labour force at little cost and time. Often Taylor would tie rates of pay to an output of work, In addition to an economic style of teaching, this is to capitalize on job fragmentation so it would counteract the lack of proficiency in the required role. Unremittingly there was an aspiration as with most well-valued managers, to keep on aggregating the proficiency of production, this was completed by allotting labour into fragments so that all employees executed their own monotonous task centred on ability and adeptness.Show MoreRelatedCultural Constraints in Management by G. Hofstede904 Words   |  4 PagesA Critical Review of Hofstede, G. 1993, Cultural Constraints in Management Theories, The Executive, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 81-94. There have been many research and studies on the national cultures and its consequences on management theories by numerous researchers. Of those many, ‘Cultural constraints on management theories,’ by Hofstede (1993) is one that has been talked about by most scholars. He strongly claimed that management is a function of culture and that culture influences the way managersRead MoreGender Roles And Leadership Roles849 Words   |  4 Pagesfactors including publication date, hierarchal level, percent of male raters, and rating source affect how effective leaders of different genders are seen to be. Their analysis was based on Role Congruity Theory. This theory states that male gender roles and leadership roles are congruent, while female gender roles and leadership roles are not congruent. For this theory, women in leadership positions get disapproval because they are not follow their female gender roles. The researchers found thatRead MoreHofstede, Kolb and Raths Critique s698 Words   |  3 PagesCritique Three critiques will be explored in this section of the paper including; †¢ Hofstede’s critique on the basis of cultural consideration †¢ Kolb’s critique on the basis of dynamic group effectiveness †¢ Rath’s critique on the basis of situational differences Hofstede’s critique is based on that the world is too diverse for followership theories to be applicable in different circumstances (Hofstede, 2001). Theories limited to their origin cultures are not effective, especially when it’s dealingRead MoreCritique Of My Ipc Class954 Words   |  4 Pages IV. Critique the Theory In my IPC class we discussed five criteria for evaluating theories and those are: scope, testability, parsimony, utility, and heuristic value. Scope refers to how much does the theory describe and explain. The theory describes and explains its rules-based system fairly clearly, although I feel that the rules are a little vague and should be more in depth to have a better understanding for the readers. On the other hand, it explains the main idea of the theory extremelyRead MoreFactors Influencing International Fashion Retailers816 Words   |  4 Pages Paper Critique: Factors influencing international fashion retailers entry mode choice. Lu, Y., Karpova, E. and Fiore, A. (2011) Factors influencing international fashion retailers entry mode choice, Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management: An International Journal, 15(1), pp. 58-75. doi: 10.1108/13612021111112340. Summary: The aim of the paper is to provide a theory†based framework that informs a fashion retailer s entry mode choice into a foreign market. The author highlights theRead MoreCritique Of - Applying Ethical Theories: Interpreting and Responding to Student Plagiarism, Journal of Business Ethics1310 Words   |  6 Pages Manchester Metropolitan University Business School Research Methods Assessment 1: Critical Writing (15%) Granitz, N. and D. Loewy (2007), Applying Ethical Theories: Interpreting and Responding to Student Plagiarism, Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 72, pp 293-306. Summary Plagiarism in todays â€Å"copy and paste generation† is an unremitting, complex issue that is not yet fully understood. The paper responds to this proposition with a thesis that understanding the ethical reasoning providedRead MoreEssay on A Critique of Bergers Uncertainty Reduction Theory901 Words   |  4 PagesA Critique of Bergers Uncertainty Reduction Theory How do people get to know each other? Bugs Bunny likes to open up every conversation with the question, Whats up Doc? Why does he do this? Is Bugs Bunny uncertain? Lets explore this idea of uncertainty. Shifting focus now to college students. As many other college students at Ohio University, I am put into situations that make me uncertain of my surroundings almost every time I go to a class for the first time, a group meeting, or socialRead MoreSystem and Change in Industrial Relations Analysis990 Words   |  4 PagesCritique: System and Change in Industrial Relations Analysis As a student of industrial relations, I am often bombarded with conflicting theories and reasons for the emergence and importance of this field. Edmond Heery outlines and analyses the justaposition of two different views of modeling this vast and often debated area of industrial relations. His article looks at two types of model building in IR. First, the traditional model of systems-thinking set forth by John Dunlop, one of the pioneersRead MorePerformance Appraisal Critique1536 Words   |  7 Pagesthe system which generally arise from within the Orthodox and radical management frame work. This essay outlines the orthodox and radical critiques respectively and suggests whether 360ââ€" ¦ feedback offers a means of overcoming the traditional limitations of appraisal system. The essay is organized into the following: Orthodox critiques, radical critiques, 360ââ€" ¦ feedback appraisal, conclusion and reference. Orthodox Critique These critisms do not challenge the underlying managerially defined purposeRead MoreCritical Analysis of the Article Transforming Workplace Relationships1134 Words   |  5 PagesAnalyze Critique State the purpose of the study and identify the problem. In the article, Macphee (2010) is studying the impact that leadership is having on a health care environment. This is designed to identify the best practices and help nurses to implement these concepts. The problem that is being studied is: how most facilities have their own policies and procedures (which will have an impact on quality). To determine the best practices, actuaries are focusing on what attributes can improve

Analysis Of The Book Girl, Interrupted Essay - 1303 Words

Suzanna Kaysen, the author of the memoir â€Å"Girl, interrupted† found herself questioning the notion of normalcy after being admitted to a psychiatric ward due to a suicide attempt in 1967, Kaysen insists she was misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder. After reading Kaysen’s narrative, I concluded that the diagnose was indeed inadequate, although Kaysen exhibited symptoms of mental illness, she wasn’t suffering from borderline personality disorder, as she there was a lack of evidence to support such claim. Kaysen was a â€Å"normal girl† who was temporality interrupted by her mental illness. Kaysen argues that one of the symptoms is â€Å"compulsive promiscuity† which is more commonly diagnosed in women† How many girls do you think a seventeen-year-old boy would have to screw to earn the label â€Å"compulsively promiscuous†? Three? No, not enough. Six? Doubtful. Ten? That sounds more likely† (158). Where is, the line drawn for women? The symptom â€Å"compulsively promiscuous† is vague at the least, and sexist at most, which is the reason Kaysen brought young teenage men to the argument as an illustration of society’s double standards. Uncertainty of life issues, lovers, long term goals, and career choices is another symptom of the disorder which Kaysen refutes â€Å"I still have that uncertainty. Is this the type of friend or lover I want to have? I ask myself every time I meet someone new. Charming but shallow; good hearted but a bit conventional† Kaysen goes on further† I guess I’ve hadShow MoreRelated Girl, Interrupted Essay1244 Words   |  5 Pages Girl, Interrupted Part I: Critical Analysis Author: Susanna Kaysen. Girl, Interrupted: New York Division of Random House. Inc 1993. 1.nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;What is the author’s topic? The author’s topic is about a teenager name Susanna Kaysen. At 18 she voluntarily turned herself into McLean Hospital. 2. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Identify the author’s main idea(s). In other words, what is the main point the author is attempting to make aboutRead MoreAnalysis of You Just Dont Understand, Men and Women in Conversation by Deborah Tannen1283 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of You Just Dont Understand, Men and Women in Conversation by Deborah Tannen In the first chapter of her book, You Just Dont Understand, Men and Women in Conversation, Deborah Tannen quotes, ...studies have shown that married couples that live together spend less than half an hour a week talking to each other.... (24) This book is a wonderful tool for couples to use for help in understanding each other. The two things it stresses most is to listen, and to make yourself heardRead MoreYou Just Don t Understand By Deborah Tannen Essay1303 Words   |  6 PagesIn Deborah Tannen’s book You Just Don’t Understand, she discusses themes such as power, conflict, and linguistic styles from childhood in chapters seven through ten. Based on her research, one’s experiences from early childhood to adulthood can affect their communication style due to the types of conversations they had during their formative years. For example, Tannen suggests that conversational styles are different due to experiences where conversations were either constant in the home or conversationsRead MoreEssay on Literary Analysis on Revelation794 Words   |  4 Pages Literary Analysis â€Å"Revelation† Flannery O’Connor short story entitled â€Å"Revelation† was swayed by her personal upbringing in the South. She lived in the time where people from the South were very intolerant and narrow-minded towards people who had a different lifestyle and who were of a different race. Because Southerners believed people who did not live up to their wealth or status were inferior, it offered O’Connor the exact descriptions she wanted for the characters in this story. The mainRead MoreJane Eyre And Signs And Symbols1570 Words   |  7 PagesJane Eyre and â€Å"Signs and Symbols† Comparative Analysis Essay Characters in literature oftentimes experience hardships in life. In Vladimir Nabokov’s short story, â€Å"Signs and Symbols,† an elderly couple encounters grievances concerning their deranged son, with whom they never find resolution. In contrast, in Charlotte Brontà «Ã¢â‚¬â„¢s novel, Jane Eyre, Edward Rochester endures life’s trials and tribulations and prospers in the end. Both stories depict characters who incessantly encounter life’s inauspiciousRead MoreCharacter Analysis of Jo in Lousia May Alcotts Little Women 626 Words   |  3 Pagesin the story Little Women it tells you about how what they went through to get where they are in the modern day of their lives. The topic that we are going to talk about is a character analysis. The deteriorating of character analysis is a reoccurring symbol in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women. In the book Little Women the role that Jo has is that she is the third oldest sister in the family. The way that Jo thinks is that she is the one that should have been a boy and she should be the oneRead MoreThe Symbolism Of A Voyage Gone Wrong1725 Words   |  7 Pagesthree years, if I am not at home, tell them to address them to—(Melville 234). However, it is unclear if the other ship was able to hear Ahab over the rough winds that have just knocked the speaking trumpet from the Albatrosses captains’ hand. Analysis: The few words Ahab speaks to the Albatrosses captain end with the ominous thought of the Pequod not making it home to Nantucket. The foreshadowing of a voyage gone wrong is emphasized not just by the cautionary â€Å"and if I am not at home†¦,† but alsoRead MoreGirl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen836 Words   |  3 PagesIn the book Girl, Interrupted by Susanna Kaysen, Susanna Kaysen was only 18 years old when she agreed to enter a medium security psychiatric facility in Boston, McLean hospital in April 1967, after a failed suicide attempt. She insisted that her over dose on aspirin was not a suicide attempt, but after a 20 minute interview the doctor decided she needed to be admitted to a hospital. During her prolonged two-year stay at the hospital Kaysen describes the issues that most of the patients in her wardRead MoreCultural Culture Courtship And Marriage1268 Words   |  6 Pagesmonths, or years. Courtship is all about what the person is looking for wit h a partner. There are several different visible ways to tell a couple is courting. Often, teenage girls receive some â€Å"token†, such as a class ring, letterman sports jacket, or a promise ring as a symbol they belong to each other. When an American girl and an American boy are courting, they aren t able to date anyone else. Once that decision has been made, couples plan on a commitment to marriage. Marriage is a unionRead More Violence In Leda and the Swan by W.B.Yeats Essay2771 Words   |  12 Pagesfrustration towards Maud Gonne into words, or is it a poem about power, or about politics? I have deliberately chosen not to take into consideration the political and social background of Ireland at that time. This, because I prefer to restrain my analysis to the poem itself, and how one could interpret its proper meaning. As a consequence, it is interesting and important to remember that one of Yeats’ many interests was Greek mythology, more precisely issues linked to Helen of Troy. In this poem

Fallen Star free essay sample

Thats what Outpace Shaker would ask If he was still alive. Outpace Is the author of the poem Fallen Star. Outpace always spoke with deep meaning, and he tried to express his feelings. He was a rapper who believed in freedom and respect. Fallen star was written for Hey Newton, a expounder of the black panthers. He dedicated the poem to him showing Hey love and respect. Heehaws living around the civil rights movement. He tried to be a role model and fight for his rights. He wants the African Americans to realize what the white Americans have done.He wanted freedom, and he was trying to prove a point. Outpace said nobody understood what he was trying to do but the white Americans. Since they knew what he was trying to do they were trying to stop him before he could get his message out to the world. People didnt understand what Hey Newton was trying to do. We will write a custom essay sample on Fallen Star or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page His focus was to empower African Americans during a period of time when most of the African Americans could not make much progress. In many poor neighborhoods many young African Americans were looking for leadership and the Black Panther party, which Hey Newton help start, filled that void. They tried to teach self defense. This was a way to show discipline. He was trying to be a leader to the African Americans in the world by creating a 10 step program. He set out goals and objectives, and many people today say he accomplished his goals. Outpace believes the white Americans didnt understand what Hey Newton was trying to do. He felt they were Just trying to mock him and he was trying to do well in the world. There are many situations Outpace could be addressing in the second stanza in line one when you where week he could be talking about Hey Newton getting old. Week Is a sign of getting old.He also could be could be talking about his drug and alcohol addiction. Hey Newton was heavy on drugs and alcohol. Some believe he use the Black Panther party money to pay for his expenses for using the two. They loved the sight basically states that the white Americans notice he was going down. That he will be one man less to worry about. In line three and four states Of your dining and flickering starlight stakes a man trying to accomplish something and he Is fading away. He Is not get gone but he Is almost there. This Is where Outpace was trying to address his charges. Hey Newton had plenty of murder, gun, and assault hares.The white Americans use to try to drop Newton reputation. The third stanza Outpace Jumps back into how the white Americans didnt understand what the African Americans were going through. The hard times they had. In line two states Two beloved by so many, so intimate was stating what type of leader Newton was. He was loved by many African American for trying to turn something negative Into something positive. He tried to be a role module for the young African Americans. He wanted to let them know that they could be somebody. He gave out shoes and food to the African American community. He was like there big brother.Outpace felt the whites didnt want to see this change to. He felt they wanted to see him see him dead so he couldnt change the world. He felt they were scared of a change. They want to see your lifeless corpse, this way you could not alter the course, shows what I mean. Talking about how the white Americans didnt want people to how they treated the African American were wrong. Newton put into the black American eyes this is not how we are not suppose to be treated. In the fourth stanza he finishes his last thoughts with in line one and two with, what they have done, for much long to Just forget and carry on.He was stating the white Americans done too much to the African Americans for them to Just forget about the past Hey knew the white American knew he was trying to show the African Americans what they have done. In line three and for states l had loved you forever because of who you are and now I mourn a fallen star. Outpace loved Hey for what he stood for, for what type of person Hey was. He was like a role model for Outpace now he has to grief to someone he thought was his star. We have had many leaders, some of them good and some of them bad. Hey was setting out to reach a goal to help people in this world.